Technical data

Technical data 1:

Technical data

IL230x-B900, IL230x-C900


Extension modules (IL....)

max. 120

Digital peripheral signals (IL....)

max. 960 In- and Outputs

Analog peripheral signals (IL....)

max. 480 In- and Outputs

Transmission medium

4 x 2 twisted pair copper cable; category 3 (10 MBaud), category 5 (100 MBaud)

Transfer rate

10/100 MBaud


star shaped cabling

Distance between modules

100 meters (Hub/Switch to Fieldbus Box)


via KS2000 or via controller


UDP- ADS, TCP-ADS, Fast-ADS, ModbusTCP, Real time Ethernet

Power supply

Control voltage: 24VDC (-15%/+20%); load voltage: according to I/O type

Control voltage current consumption

according to I/O type + current consumption of sensors, max. 0.5 A

Load voltage current consumption

according to I/O type

Power supply connection

Feed: 1 x M8 connector 4-pin
downstream connection: 1 x M8 socket 4-polig (except IP/IE204x)

Connection Fieldbus

1 x RJ45 socket

1 x M12 socket, d-coded

Electrical isolation

Channels / control voltage: no
between the channels: no
control voltage / fieldbus: yes

Permissible ambient temperature range during operation

0°C ... +55°C

Permissible ambient temperature range during storage

-25°C ... +85°C

Vibration / shock resistance

according to EN 60068-2-6 / EN 60068-2-27, EN 60068-2-29

EMC resistance burst / ESD

according to EN 61000-6-2 / EN 61000-6-4

Protection class

IP 65/66/67 (according to EN 60529)

Installation position



CE, UL E172151


Detailed technical data about all available I/O types can be found in the document Signal Types, Installation, Configuration of the I/O modules, that may be found on the Beckhoff CD Products & Solutions or in the internet ( under Download/Fieldbus Box.