Firmware and hardware issue status

The documentation refers to the hardware and software status that was valid at the time it was prepared. The properties are subject to continuous development and improvement. Modules having earlier production statuses cannot have the same properties as modules with the latest status. Existing properties, however, are always retained and are not changed, so that these modules can always be replaced by new ones.
The number beginning with a D allows you to recognize the firmware and hardware status of a module.


D . ww yy x y z u

ww - calendar week
yy - year
x - bus board firmware status
y - bus board hardware status
z - I/O board firmware status
u - I/O board hardware status



- Calendar week 22
- in the year 2008
- bus board firmware status: 1
- bus board firmware hardware status: 5
- I/O board firmware status: 0 (no firmware is necessary for this board)
- I/O board hardware status: 1