Restore the delivery state

You can restore the delivery state of the backup objects as follows:

1. Ensure that TwinCAT is running in Config mode.
2. In CoE object 1011:0 "Restore default parameters" select parameter 1011:01 "Subindex 001".
Restore the delivery state 1:
3. Double-click on "Subindex 001".
The "Set Value Dialog" dialog box opens.
4. Enter the value 1684107116 in the "Dec" field.
Alternatively: enter the value 0x64616F6C in the "Hex" field.
Restore the delivery state 2:
5. Confirm with "OK".
All backup objects are reset to the delivery state.


Restore the delivery state 3:

Alternative restore value

With some older modules the backup objects can be changed with an alternative restore value:
Decimal value: 1819238756
Hexadecimal value: 0x6C6F6164

An incorrect entry for the restore value has no effect.