EPP3504-0023 - Introduction

EPP3504-0023 - Introduction 1:

4-channel measuring bridge,(SG) full/half/quarter bridge, 24 bit, 10 ksps

The EPP3504-0023 EtherCAT P Box is designed for the evaluation of measuring bridges in full-bridge, half-bridge and quarter-bridge configuration. In addition, it supports the measuring ranges potentiometer, PT1000 (RTD) and ±10 V. It is derived from the ELM3504 EtherCAT Terminal and also features a sampling rate of 10,000 sps, internal switchable supplementary resistors and an integrated, parameterizable bridge supply.

It has the same technological features as the ELM3x0x Terminals, i.e. all parameters can be set via EtherCAT using the CoE directory.

The EPP3504-0023 is designed for use close to the measurement site in a protected environment and is therefore equipped with IP20 bridge connections.


IO configuration in TwinCAT
Mounting and wiring
Process data overview

Connection view

Object description and parameterization