EtherCAT P


Power supply from SELV/PELV power supply unit!

SELV/PELV circuits (Safety Extra Low Voltage, Protective Extra Low Voltage) according to IEC 61010-2-201 must be used to supply the EtherCAT P Power Sourcing Device (PSD).


  • SELV/PELV circuits may give rise to further requirements from standards such as IEC 60204-1 et al, for example with regard to cable spacing and insulation.
  • A SELV (Safety Extra Low Voltage) supply provides safe electrical isolation and limitation of the voltage without a connection to the protective conductor,
    a PELV (Protective Extra Low Voltage) supply also requires a safe connection to the protective conductor.


Observe the UL requirements

  • When operating under UL conditions, observe the warnings in the chapter UL Requirements.

EtherCAT P transmits two supply voltages:

The exact assignment of US and UP can be found in the pin assignment of the I/O connections.

Redirection of the supply voltages

The supply voltages are passed on internally from the "IN" connection to the "OUT" connection. Hence, the supply voltages US and UP can be passed from one EtherCAT P Box to the next EtherCAT P Box in a simple manner.


Note the maximum current.

Ensure that the maximum permitted current of 3 A for the M8 connectors is not exceeded when redirecting EtherCAT P.