Further error diagnosis

Device State Inputs Device (0x1A05)

It is indicated in the PDO "Device Diag" (0xF101:0D) that at least one event has occurred in the "Diag History".
"Device State" is the standard status bit for EtherCAT slaves and shows, for example, that communication with one of the slaves has been interrupted.

DeviceState Inputs (0x1A04)

The status of the IO-Link ports is mapped as a status byte in the "DeviceState Inputs" process data object. See chapter Status of the IO-Link ports.

Nominal/actual comparison of the parameter objects

The indices 0x90n0 (Info data) can be referred to for validation of the configuration indices 0x80n0 of the connected IO-Link device.
In case of error these objects can be used to compare the configuration with the actual state.

Lost Frame Counter

The Lost Frame counter in object 0xA0n0:02 is for the diagnosis of the transmission quality. TwinCAT provides the possibility here to diagnose problems, e. g. with the wiring, EMC or power supply.