EtherCAT Box - Introduction

The EtherCAT system has been extended with EtherCAT Box modules with protection class IP67. Through the integrated EtherCAT interface the modules can be connected directly to an EtherCAT network without an additional Coupler Box. The high-performance of EtherCAT is thus maintained into each module.

The extremely low dimensions of only 126 x 30 x 26.5 mm (h x w x d) are identical to those of the Fieldbus Box extension modules. They are thus particularly suitable for use where space is at a premium. The small mass of the EtherCAT modules facilitates applications with mobile I/O interface (e.g. on a robot arm). The EtherCAT connection is established via screened M8 connectors.

EtherCAT Box - Introduction 1:
EtherCAT Box Modules within an EtherCAT network

The robust design of the EtherCAT Box modules enables them to be used directly at the machine. Control cabinets and terminal boxes are now no longer required. The modules are fully sealed and therefore ideally prepared for wet, dirty or dusty conditions.

Pre-assembled cables significantly simplify EtherCAT and signal wiring. Very few wiring errors are made, so that commissioning is optimized. In addition to pre-assembled EtherCAT, power and sensor cables, field-configurable connectors and cables are available for maximum flexibility. Depending on the application, the sensors and actuators are connected through M8 or M12 connectors.

The EtherCAT modules cover the typical range of requirements for I/O signals with protection class IP67:

XFC (eXtreme Fast Control Technology) modules, including inputs with time stamp, are also available.

EtherCAT Box - Introduction 2:
EtherCAT Box with M8 connections for sensors/actuators
EtherCAT Box - Introduction 3:
EtherCAT Box with M12 connections for sensors/actuators
EtherCAT Box - Introduction 4:

Basic EtherCAT documentation

You will find a detailed description of the EtherCAT system in the Basic System Documentation for EtherCAT, which is available for download from our website ( under Downloads.