Introduction 1:

EP6001-0002 | 1-channel serial interface, RS232, RS422/RS485

The EP6001-0002 serial interface module allows the connection of devices with an RS232 or an RS422/RS485 interface. The module transmits the data in a fully transparent manner to the higher-level automation device. The active serial communication channel functions independently of the higher-level bus system in full duplex mode at up to 115,200 baud, while a 864 byte receive buffer and a 128 byte send buffer are available. The 1-channel version has an increased end device power supply of up to 1 A; the connector assignment depends on the interface selected. The two integrated digital inputs/outputs allow the connection of additional sensors/actuators in order, for example, to trigger the reading process of the barcode reader or, depending on the result, to initiate an action. In conjunction with the TwinCAT Virtual Serial COM Driver the EP6001-0002 can be used as a normal Windows COM interface.