Restoring the delivery state

To restore the delivery state for backup objects in ELxxxx terminals / EPxxxx- and EPPxxxx boxes, the CoE object Restore default parameters, SubIndex 001 can be selected in the TwinCAT System Manager (Config mode).

Restoring the delivery state 1:
Selecting the Restore default parameters PDO

Double-click on SubIndex 001 to enter the Set Value dialog. Enter the value 1684107116 in field Dec or the value 0x64616F6C in field Hex and confirm with OK.

All backup objects are reset to the delivery state.

Restoring the delivery state 2:
Entering a restore value in the Set Value dialog

Alternative restore value

In some older terminals / boxes the backup objects can be switched with an alternative restore value:
Decimal value: 1819238756
Hexadecimal value: 0x6C6F6164

An incorrect entry for the restore value has no effect.