TwinCAT ESI Updater

For TwinCAT 2.11 and higher, the System Manager can search for current Beckhoff ESI files automatically, if an online connection is available:

TwinCAT ESI Updater 1:
Using the ESI Updater (>= TwinCAT 2.11)

The call up takes place under:
“Options” → “Update EtherCAT Device Descriptions”

Selection under TwinCAT 3:

TwinCAT ESI Updater 2:
Using the ESI Updater (TwinCAT 3)

The ESI Updater (TwinCAT 3) is a convenient option for automatic downloading of ESI data provided by EtherCAT manufacturers via the Internet into the TwinCAT directory (ESI = EtherCAT slave information). TwinCAT accesses the central ESI ULR directory list stored at ETG; the entries can then be viewed in the Updater dialog, although they cannot be changed there.

The call up takes place under:
“TwinCAT” → “EtherCAT Devices” → “Update Device Description (via ETG Website)…”.