EL72x1 - Servo Motor Terminal, 50 V DC

Profile MDP 742 or DS 402

The EL72x1-000x supports the MDP 742 and DS 402 drive profiles. The profiles define the presentation of parameters for the EtherCAT Terminal and the index, under which the respective parameters are arranged in the object directory.

Both profiles contain the same parameters. They only differ in terms of the specified designations and the parameter index. The CoE objects in the MDP 742 profile (Modular Device Profile) are allocated in the way that is common for the Beckhoff EtherCAT Terminals.
The DS402 drive profile is specified in IEC61800-7-200 (CiA402). It uses a different object directory structure.

In both profiles, the drive state machine of the EL72x1-000x is based on the CiA402 State Machine, which means the functional behavior is identical.
The terminals delivered with the MDP 742 profile ex factory.

Changing the profile

After a profile change an EEPROM update is required. The corresponding ESI description can then be loaded into the terminal.

Please note that the CoE object description and the process data are different for both profiles. The motor XML files that match the set profile must be used.

Terminal designation MDP 742 and DS 402 profile
Take note that the profile change process described above lead to a change of the type designation of the Servo Motor Terminal in TwinCAT.
The TwinCAT System Manager provide one of these devices:
- Servo Motor Terminal with MDP742 profile: EL72x1[-0000]
- Servo Motor Terminal with DS402 profile: EL72x1-0001