Electrical connection

Recommended cables

In order to ensure trouble-free and low-noise measurement we recommend using shielded cables. The cable screen should be connected thoroughly with the DIN rail near the terminal.

2/4-wire connection

Electrical connection 1:

Both channels of the EL3692 are in 4-wire mode as standard.

Measurements on live objects

Measurement of live test specimens (DuT) is only permitted if no current flows through the test specimen.

Otherwise the device may be damaged.

The two channels of the EL3692 are not electrically isolated. Measurements on live objects should therefore be carried out in single-channel mode.

The following figure shows three potential applications; only the first two cases are possible. In the last case either no measurement takes place since the terminal detects overvoltages at its inputs, or the measurement is erroneous if the voltage at the DuT is still within the measurement limits of the terminal.

Electrical connection 2:
Connection options