EL3182 - 2 Channel Analog Input Terminal 4…20 mA, 16 bit, HART

Acyclic services

Simple reading or writing of individual HART commands can be initiated via the "Acyclic Services" dialog.


Reading is initiated by entering the HART command. If the slave supports the feature, the read length and the data are returned.

For a write call the command also has to be entered, plus the user data to be written (without header and CRC). The structure of the data to be used is described in the corresponding HART documentation (e.g. "Universal Command Specification").

If a HART command has user data in both directions (i.e. for reading and writing), the ReadWrite function can be used.

The commands can be issued directly via ADS. IdxGrp = 0xF302 and IdxOffs = Cmd should be used for this purpose.