Installation positions

Constraints regarding installation position and operating temperature range

Please refer to the technical data for a terminal to ascertain whether any restrictions regarding the installation position and/or the operating temperature range have been specified. When installing high power dissipation terminals ensure that an adequate spacing is maintained between other components above and below the terminal in order to guarantee adequate ventilation!

Optimum installation position (standard)

The optimum installation position requires the mounting rail to be installed horizontally and the connection surfaces of the EL/KL terminals to face forward (see Fig. Recommended distances for standard installation position). The terminals are ventilated from below, which enables optimum cooling of the electronics through convection. “From below” is relative to the acceleration of gravity.

Installation positions 1:
Recommended distances for standard installation position

Compliance with the distances shown in Fig. Recommended distances for standard installation position is recommended.

Other installation positions

All other installation positions are characterized by different spatial arrangement of the mounting rail - see Fig Other installation positions.

The minimum distances to ambient specified above also apply to these installation positions.

Installation positions 2:
Installation positions 3:
Other installation positions