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Preparation of Visual Studio

This section explains how to include the files required for IPC diagnostics for programming in C++ in Visual Studio 2010.

The files can be found in the IPC diagnostics installation directory (Windows: C:\Program Files (x86)\Beckhoff\IPC-Diagnostics\API\C).

1. Start Visual Studio and create a new Visual C++ Win32 console application.C++ 2:
2. Confirm the default settings of the project wizard.
3. Open the project properties.
C++ 3:
4. Enter MDPApi.lib (from C:\Program Files (x86)\Beckhoff\IPC-Diagnostics\API\C\Lib\Win32) as additional dependency.
C++ 4:
5. Add the MDPApi header:
#include "C:\Program Files
6. The program now has the following structure:
C++ 5:


TwinCAT libraries

MDP version

Beckhoff Automation
Device Driver

Beckhoff BIOS



Current MDP version

Current BA Device Driver

Current Beckhoff BIOS