Beckhoff Embedded-PC
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Beckhoff Embedded PC



The following documentation for Embedded PC CX is available:

CX1000 first steps
CX1000 basic CPU hardware description
CX1010 basic CPU hardware description
CX1020 / CX1030 basic CPU hardware description
CX1100-000x power supplies for CX10x0
CX1100-09xx UPS modules for CX10x0
CX1500-M310 / CX1500-B310 profibus fieldbusmodule for CX10x0
CX1500-M510 / CX1500-B510 CAN-Open feldbusmodule for CX10x0
CX1500-M750 Sercos feldbusmodul for CX10x0
CX2020 / CX2030 / CX2040 basic CPU hardware description
CX2100-00x4 power supplies for CX20x0
CX2100-09x4 UPS power supplies for CX20x0
CX2500-0020 audio interface for CX20x0
CX2500-0030 RS232 serial interface for CX20x0
CX2500-0031 RS485 / RS422 serial interface for CX20x0
CX2500-0060 Gigabit Ethernet interface for CX20x0
CX2500-0061 PoE Gigabit Ethernet interface for CX20x0
CX2500-0070 USB3.0 interface for CX20x0
CX2550-0010 CFast ext. interface for CX20x0
CX2550-0020 SATA HDD/SSD ext. interface for CX20x0
CX2550-0x79 USB ext. interface for CX20x0
CX50x0 / CX51x0
CX5010 / CX5020 hardware description
CX5x0 / CX5130 / CX5140 hardware description
CX8010 EPC with EtherCAT-Slave interface
CX803x EPC with Profibus interface
CX805x EPC with CAN Open interface
CX8080 EPC with serial RS323/RS485 interface
CX8090 EPC with ethernet interface
CX8091 EPC with BACnet / UPC UA interface
CX8093 EPC with PROFINET interface
CX8095 EPC with Ethernet/IP interface
 CX900x / CX9010 / CX9020
CX9000 / CX9010 hardware description
CX9020 hardware description
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Notes on usage of CX50x0 systems in explosion hazardous areas see download area
CXxxxx software description