Changing the battery

Battery as ignition source in potentially explosive atmospheres

Gases or dusts can be ignited by a spark discharge when the battery is inserted or removed.

Switch off the power supply and wait until the 1-second UPS has discharged. Ensure that there is no explosive atmosphere before you insert or remove the battery.


An incorrectly inserted battery may explode!

Use exclusively the specified battery type. Make absolutely sure that positive and negative terminals of the battery are inserted correctly. (Plus pole on the left). Never open the battery or throw it into a fire. The battery cannot be recharged.

The battery of the CX80xx is required for the real-time clock (RTC) of the CX80xx. It ensures that the RTC continues to run in the power-off state so that the set time is available again on restarting.

Changing the battery 1:

  • Step 1: Open the flap
  • Step 2/3: Take a small flat-blade screwdriver, insert it above the battery and prise the battery carefully out of the device
  • Step 4: Insert the new battery. The plus pole must be on the left
  • Step 5: Close the flap again

Battery type

Technical data

Duracell 303/357 SR44

1.5 V / 165 mAh


Battery maintenance

The battery must be replaced every 5 years. Spare batteries can be ordered from Beckhoff Service.