Application in potentially explosive atmospheres

The Embedded PC must be fitted with a suitable housing and suitable cables for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.

In potentially explosive atmospheres, the Embedded PC must always be installed in a housing with the correct protection class, and suitable cables must be used.

Install the Embedded PC in a housing or a control cabinet, if it is to be used in potentially explosive atmospheres.

Embedded PC installation, requirements for housing in potentially explosive atmospheres.

Ex area

Flammable substance

Protection class

Zone 2


IP 54, according to EN 60079-15

Zone 22

dust, non-conductive

IP 54, according to EN 60079-31

dust, conductive

IP 6x, according to EN 60079-31

Observe the temperature at the cable entry points into the housing. If the temperature during nominal operation is higher than 70 °C at the entry points or higher than 80 °C at the wire branching points, cables that are designed for these higher temperatures and Ex operation must be used.