Connect Embedded PC


Damage to the Embedded PCs

The Embedded PCs may be damaged during wiring.

  • The cables for the power supply should only be connected in de-energized state.

The CX2100-0914 power supply units require an external voltage source, which provides 24 V DC (-15% / +20%).

The cabling of the Embedded PC in the control cabinet must be done in accordance with the standard EN 60204-1:2006 PELV = Protective Extra Low Voltage:

Connection example with CX2020 basic CPU module and CX2100-0914 power supply unit:

Connect Embedded PC 1:
Legend for the connection example.




The upper spring-loaded terminals identified with "24 V" and "0 V" supply the basic CPU module and the terminal bus (data transfer via K- or E-bus).


The spring-loaded terminals identified as "+", "-" and "PE" supply the Bus Terminals via the power contacts and the sensors or actuators connected to the Bus Terminals.

The cables of an external voltage source are connected to the power supply unit with spring-loaded terminals.

Required wire cross-sections and strip lengths.

Conductor cross-section

0,5 ... 2,5 mm2

AWG 20 ... AWG 14

Strip length

8 ... 9 mm

0.33 inch

Connect the Embedded PC as follows:

1. Open a spring-loaded terminal by slightly pushing with a screwdriver or a rod into the square opening above the terminal.
Connect Embedded PC 2:
2. The wire can now be inserted into the round terminal opening without any force.
3. The terminal closes automatically when the pressure is released, holding the wire safely and permanently.

The voltage source has been connected to the power supply unit successfully when the two upper power supply terminal LEDs light up in green.

Connect Embedded PC 3:

  • The left LED (Us) indicates the supply of the basic CPU module and terminal bus.
  • The red LED (Up) indicates the Bus Terminal supply via the power contacts.


Interrupting / switching off the power supply

To switch off the Embedded PC, do not disconnect the ground (0 V), because otherwise current may continue to flow via the shielding, depending on the device, and damage the Embedded PC or peripheral devices.

  • Always disconnect the 24 V line. Devices connected to the Embedded PC, which have their own power supply (e.g. a Panel) must have the same potential for "PE" and "0 V" as the Embedded PC have (no potential difference).