CX1100-00xx: Overview power supply units

System Overview

CX1100-0001 1:

CX1100-00xx  power supply units and I/O interfaces

One of four power supply modules can be selected for a CX10x0 system. The power supply of all other system components is ensured via the internal PC104 bus; no separate supply lines are required. However, the CX1100 components offer further important characteristics that go beyond a pure power supply: an integrated NOVRAM enables the fail-safe storage of process data, an LCD display with two lines of 16 characters each is used for displaying system and user messages. Local I/O signals are connected via the CX1100-0002 power supply variant, to which all Beckhoff Bus Terminals can be connected, or via CX1100-0003, which in addition to the Bus Terminals enables the connection of Extension Box IExxxx type Beckhoff Fieldbus Box modules. The option to connect Bus Terminals or Fieldbus Box modules creates a control system with a very variable, expandable I/O level with large signal variety. The I/O data are stored in a DPRAM, which is accessible by the CPU via the system bus. The power supplies of the CX system can be changed in the field: If, for example, local I/O via Bus Terminals is required, CX1100-0001 can be replaced with CX1100-0002 in the field. Local I/O signals are connected via the CX1020 and the CX1100-0002 power supply variants (Bus Terminals), CX1100-0003 (Bus Terminals
and Fieldbus Box modules via IP-Link) or CX1100-0004 for EtherCAT Terminals. With CX1100-0004 the I/O data are stored directly in the main memory of the CPU; a DPRAM is no longer required. The CX1100-0004 power supply unit for EtherCAT Terminals can only be connected in conjunction with the basic CX1020/CX1000/CX1010 CPU module.

For the CPU CX1030  a modified power supply unit is necessary. For this use the modules CX1100-001x . The functions are similar to the modules CX1100-000x.

The technical data are as follows:

An overview about architecture with the common system components GCB, ACB, NOVRAM, display and switch are described together in one chapter. Special interfaces are described in the power supply units containing the interfaces.