Version identification of CU Switches

The serial number/ data code for Beckhoff IO devices is usually the 8-digit number printed on the device or on a sticker. The serial number indicates the configuration in delivery state and therefore refers to a whole production batch, without distinguishing the individual modules of a batch.

Structure of the serial number: KK YY FF HH

KK - week of production (CW, calendar week)
YY - year of production
FF - firmware version
HH - hardware version

Example with serial number 12 06 3A 02:

12 - production week 12
06 - production year 2006
3A - firmware version 3A
02 - hardware version 02

Version identification of CU Switches 1:
CU1521 switch with serial number 4820/ and the unique Beckhoff Traceability Number (BTN) 00007su0