Introduction 1:
CU1123, CU1123-0010, CU1124

EtherCAT hub, 3-port / 4-port, RJ45

Line, tree or star – EtherCAT supports almost any topology. The 3-port CU1123 and CU1123-0010 and the 4-port CU1124 EtherCAT junction provide compact solutions to cascade an EtherCAT network. Where junctions with several ports need to be implemented outside of the EtherCAT Terminal system, the DIN rail-mountable EtherCAT junctions can be used instead of the EK1122 EtherCAT Coupler and the 8-port CU1128 EtherCAT junction.

Port 1 is the input port for the EtherCAT network.

Additional EK1100 Couplers or EtherCAT Box modules can be connected via the ports

The EtherCAT junctions are connected via RJ45 ports with direct display of link and activity status.

CU1123, CU1123-001, CU1124 - Hot-Connect
In conjunction with TwinCAT or other suitable EtherCAT masters, the CU1123, CU1123-0010 and CU1124 EtherCAT junctions permit the connection or disconnection of EtherCAT strands while the network is in operation (Hot Connect). The device cannot be used as a standard Ethernet switch.

Using the extended distance connection, distances of up to 300 m can be bridged between two Extended Distance stations. If only one connection of the two stations is configured for Extended Distance (e.g. connecting EtherCAT Box modules), the maximum distance between the stations is 100 m. The EtherCAT branches are connected via RJ45 ports featuring link and activity status indicators.