Start the "SETUP.EXE" program from disk 1/x to install the CP9090-S100 component under Windows 9x / NT.


Files and folders

Following files will be installed / updated


WINDOWS\SYSTEM(32) folder:



If CP9090-S100 help files appears "empty", please install HTML-HELP-runtime-files by starting "hhupd.exe" file from the CD first.


It is recommended, that you are familiar with Beckhoff CP-card. The CD contains detailed technical information.



in the event of problems/questions, please contact:


Beckhoff Automation

Eiserstr. 5

33415 Verl

Tel: 05246-963-157

Fax: 05246-963-199

Email: mailto:info@beckhoff.com Internet: http://www.beckhoff.com


Please provide a detailed decription of the error as well as information about the operation system (Win9x, NTx Service Packs), and the language selected (german, english), etc.

You will find the version number of the CP9090-S100 component in the 'Properties menu' of the CpLink9x.dll file.