C9900-L100 - License key USB stick for TwinCAT 3.1

Product description

As an alternative to the EL6070 license key terminal, the TwinCAT licenses can be managed via a C9900-L100 USB stick. Data transfer takes place via USB.

For even more convenient handling of the TwinCAT 3.1 licensing, the C9900-L100 USB stick is equipped with a local data memory. The data memory is used for storing the TwinCAT 3.1 license files. It is not freely accessible and is managed by TwinCAT 3.1.

There are different models

C9900-L100: Dongle without activated licenses, will be supplied with licenses on costumer side
C9900-L100-0033: will be pre activated with task related licenses

Frame conditions for operation with TwinCAT

TwinCAT supports USB access to the dongle since TC3 build 4020
The USB device requires a *.xml description file for the integration into the TwinCAT device management and into the project tree accordingly. The build contains this file already and there’s no need of additional action when it’s used. Otherwise the file can be received by the Beckhoff website and installed into the TwinCAT installation path \ESB. The standard path is: C:\TwinCAT\3.1\Config\Io\Esb\
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License key USB stick for TwinCAT 3.1
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