Beckhoff Device Manager

The Beckhoff Device Manager enables detailed system diagnostics with uniform secure access to the existing hardware and software components. System data is recorded, analyzed and evaluated during operation. The data helps to detect deviations at an early stage and prevent PC downtime.

The Beckhoff Device Manager always starts automatically after the Industrial PC has been booted. In addition, you have the option of manually starting the previously closed Device Manager at any time.

The Industrial PC is delivered with predefined access data as standard:

You also have the option of using the Beckhoff Device Manager to remotely configure the Industrial PC via a web browser. More detailed information is available in the Beckhoff Device Manager manual.

First start Beckhoff Device Manager

When your Industrial PC is booted for the first time, the Beckhoff Device Manager also starts automatically for the first time. The Security Wizard opens. This tells you that you should reset the default password set by Beckhoff. Proceed as follows:

1. Click Next on the Security Wizard start page.
This will take you to the Change Passwords page:
Beckhoff Device Manager 1:
Beckhoff Device Manager - Change passwords
2. Enter the access data of the Device Manager on delivery.
3. Choose a secure new password. Instructions for choosing a secure password are given below.
4. Confirm the changes by clicking on the tick in the red box on the right.
5. Exit the Security Wizard to switch to the Device Manager start page:
Beckhoff Device Manager 2:
Beckhoff Device Manager – Start page

Navigate forward in the menu and configure the Industrial PC. Note that modifications only become active once they have been confirmed. It may be necessary to restart the Industrial PC.

Manual start Beckhoff Device Manager

To start the Beckhoff Device Manager manually, proceed as follows:

  1. Open a web browser locally on the Industrial PC.
  2. Enter localhost/config in the web browser to start the Beckhoff Device Manager.

The Beckhoff Device Manager starts. The Security Wizard appears.

Secure passwords

Strong passwords are an important prerequisite for a secure system.

Beckhoff supplies the device images with standard user names and standard passwords for the operating system. It is imperative that you change these.

Controllers are shipped without a password in the UEFI/BIOS setup. Beckhoff recommends assigning a password here as well.

Please note the following:

A secure password has the following characteristics: