DC supply

For special applications it may be useful to input a DC voltage. Several things need to be observed for the connection and the parameter settings, which are described below.

The DC voltage can be connected:

Voltage parameterization

DC supply 1:

The desired DC voltage is set with P-0-0201 “Nominal mains voltage”. The controller automatically recognizes the DC voltage form during the initialization (from firmware v2.10).

In the case of small DC voltages, the parameters P-0-0202 and P-0-0203 “Mains voltage tolerance” should be 24 V or 48 V (at least 20%, better 30%). Due to the tolerances when measuring the voltages, an error would otherwise frequently be caused.

If the exchange of energy between several AX5000 devices is desired, the following parameterization must be used:

DC-Link connection mode (P-0-0214):
"0x0003: AX5x01-AX5x25 [X02] Static external DC Link connection"

DC input via the wide-range voltage input – X01

In the case of input via X01, note that (as with the single-phase connection) only two of the six rectifier diodes conduct the current. The same limitations apply as to the power or output current (see startup manual). The voltage can be connected at L1 and L3/N.

Terminal point





Phase L1

Phase L1


Phase L2

not used

L3 / N

Phase L3

Neutral conductor


Protective conductor

Protective conductor

DC input via the DC link input – X02

The charging circuit for the DC link is inactive. The user must ensure that the starting current does not become too high when the voltage is switched on.

For the calculation, for example, of a resistor that limits the starting current, the DC link of the AX5000 is to be regarded as a short-circuit at the moment of switching on.

Be sure to observe the correct polarity of the connection (DC+, DC-)!

Terminal point


DC +

DC link +

External brake resistor and DC link connection

DC -

DC link -

The table below shows values that may not be exceeded:


Max. starting current

AX5x01 – AX5112


AX5118 – AX5140


DC supply 2:

The settings in the Power Management Control Word (P-0-0204) marked below are important in the case of input via X02 (from firmware V2.10):

Important! With the parameterization “Disable Umain loss monitoring”, the device protection with regard to mains voltage interruptions at X01 is switched off. Therefore, only switch the monitors off in case of DC input at X02.