Art-Net™ is a protocol specification, developed by Artistic Licence Holdings Ltd, to utilize the benefits of Ethernet for transferring DMX universes.
DMX is a standard that is widely used for controlling lighting elements in stage equipment and building services applications.
The corresponding Beckhoff range includes the EL6851 DMX master terminal and the EL6851-0010 DMX slave terminal.

Art-Net™ transfers DMX universes via UDP/IP, whereby DMX data are embedded in an Art-Net™ frame as a complete universe and thus tunneled through UDP/IP using another layer.

From Art-Net™ II, telegrams can also be sent in 'unicast' mode, as well as 'directed broadcast'.

Further information can be found on our website at: PC-based control for stage and show equipment

The Art-Net™ specification can be found at:

Art-Net™ is a trade mark of Artistic Licence Holdings Ltd. The Art-Net protocol and associated documentation is copyright Artistic Licence Holdings Ltd.