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Certec EDV GmbH

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Thomas Alva Edison Straße 1
7000 Eisenstadt
Certec is an innovative product and technology supplier of SCADA and HMI Software. The main product is atvise - a professional HMI technology which was implemented using pure web standards and OPC Unified Architecture (UA) as a base. This technology is offered to hardware and software manufacturers for their products and in addition atvise scada, an independent SCADA product, is available for further scaling. Related services such as consulting, training and implementation support completes the portfolio.

With the development of the pure Web technology based HMI solution "atvise" - which is offered as "atvise webMI2ADS" in combination with Beckhoff controls – the software company Certec created the first truly location and device independent access to HMI / SCADA systems - supporting a previously unheard freedom of visualization. The sophisticated man-machine interface can be accessed by any modern web browser, regardless of operating system or device to retrieve! In addition the system offers impressive graphic functionality and great control and monitoring performance.

atvise offers real vertical object oriented working, which is achieved by supporting the OPC UA protocol.