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ABM automation building messaging gmbh

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Third Party Produkte 1:

ABM Systems realizes on the basis of Beckhoff components solutions for the process technology as well as for the industrial automation and building automation. The experiences of ABM Systems in these areas result from active project conversions and are supplied directly to the developments. Therefore solutions, from the WIN32 level and the CE platform up to menu-controlled and by web to retrievable visualizations are ready for the most different platforms. Based on customer demands ABM is able to configure their COMFORT controllers cost-effective and specific to customer applications. A wide program know-how is substituted with the easiest configuration handling and thereby permits a manifold application production with significant saving of time.

Third Party Produkte 2:

ACTS – Advanced Communication Technologies and Services

The software tool ACTS in combination with the standardized ABM products is a user-friendly and cost-actual range of products for the most different ranges of application. By the servers / client structure the most different platforms can be combined. Therefore numerous products are available for visualization and control applications:

  • ACTS Vis for W32 format
  • ACTS Vis for CE platform
  • CTS Vis for Mce and for Mce CE, as well as for Mce Web
  • ACTS Server
  • ABM COMFORT Controller
  • Connectivity to most used field busses
  • Data connectivity to other systems via open standards (SQL / OPC)

ACTS offers furthermore numerous integrated functionalities like user management, alarm management, trend recording with diagram management and announcement archive. With the options of alarm loggers, signal loggers and notification management all data can be put into archives. Also all used graphic charts and accompanying files can be suspended in the project management ACTS and put into archives. The data are ready to be used in other applications at any time –Simply simplify.

Third Party Produkte 3:

Your software tool for process visualization as well as for industrial and facility automation.