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Fieldbus Components
Bus Coupler
Bus Terminal Controller
Bus Terminals
Terminal Modules
EtherCAT Box / I/O-Link Box / Fieldbus Box / Fieldbus Modules
EtherCAT Terminals
EtherCAT System Documentation
Infrastructure for EtherCAT/Ethernet
EJ110x-00xx | EtherCAT coupler
EJ1008 | 8-channel digital input module 24 V DC, 3 ms
System overview
Product overview
Installation of EJ modules
Power supply for the EtherCAT plug-in modules
EJxxxx - dimensions
Installation positions and minimum distances
Installation on the signal distribution board
Extension options
Using placeholder modules for unused slots
Linking with EtherCAT Terminals and EtherCAT Box modules via an Ethernet/EtherCAT connection
IPC integration
Disassembly of the signal distribution board
EtherCAT basics
EJ1122 | 2-port EtherCAT junction
EJ1128 | 8-Channel Digital Input Module 5 V DC / 3,3 V DC
EJ18xx | 16-Channel digital input modules
EJ2008 | 8-Channel Digital Output Module 24 V DC, 0.5 A
EJ2128 | 8-Channel digital output module 5 V DC / 3.3 V DC
EJ2502 | 2-Channel pulse width module 24 V DC
EJ2521-0224 - 1-channel pulse train output module 24 V DC
EJ28x9 | 16-Channnel digital output modules 24 V DC, 0.5 A
EJ30xx | Analog Input modules 12 Bit
EJ31xx | Analog Input Modules 16 Bit
EJ32xx | 2-, 4-channel analog input modules PT100 (RTD)
EJ3255 | 5-Channel input module, potentiometer measurement with sensor supply
EJ3318 | 8-channel thermocouple input with open-circuit recognition
EJ40xx | Analog Output Modules (12 Bit)
EJ41xx | Analog Output Modules (16 Bit)
EJ5002 | SSI encoder interface
EJ5101 | Incremental encoder interface
EJ5151 | Incremental Encoder Interface
EJ6002 | 2-channel serial interface RS232, RS422 or RS485
EJ6224 - IO-Link modules
EJ70x1 | Stepper motor modules
EJ7047 - Stepper motor module, vector control
EJ7211-0010 - Servomotor rmodule for OCT, 48 V DC, 4.5 A (Irms)
EJ7342 - 2-channel DC motor output stage 50 V DC, 3.5A
EJ9001 | Placeholder module
EJ9400 | Power supply plug-in module for E-bus, 2.5 A
EJ9404 | Power supply plug-in module for E-bus, 12 A
EJ9505 | Power supply plug-in module 5 V DC
EJ9576 | Brake chopper module
EJ8xxx - Signal-Distribution-Board for standard EtherCAT plug-in modules
Fieldbus Cards and Switches
Fieldbus Accessories
Drive Technology
TwinCAT 3
TwinCAT 2
Application Notes