Industrial PC
Fieldbus Components
Bus Coupler
Bus Terminal Controller
Bus Terminals
KL1xxx - Digital input terminals
KL2xxx - Output bus terminals
KL1501, KL1512 | Up/down counter 24 V DC
KL17xx - Digital input terminals
KL1859 - HD Bus Terminal 8 channel digital input + 8 channel digital output
KL2442 - 2 channel Digital Output Terminal, 24 V DC
KL2502, KL2512 - Dual Channel Pulse Width Output Terminals, 24 V DC
KL2521-xxxx - One Channel Pulse Train Output Terminals, RS422 / 24 V DC
KL2531, KL2541 - One channel stepper motor terminals
KL2542 - Two channel output stage terminal for DC motors
KL2535_KL2545 - Pulse width current terminals
KL2532, KL2552 - DC motor output stages
KL2602, KL2622, KL2634 - Two-and four-channel Relay Output Terminals
KL2692 - Watchdog Terminal
KL2751, KL2761 - Single channel universal dimmer terminals
KL2784, KL2794 - Four channel digital output terminals with MOSFET transistors
KL2791 - Single channel speed controller terminals for AC motors
KL2798 - HD Bus Terminal 8-channel digital output 30 V AC/DC
KL27x2 - Solid state and triac terminals
KL28xx - HD Bus Terminals, digital output
KL2819 - HD Bus Terminal, 16-channel digital output 24 V DC with diagnostics
KL3001, KL3002 - Single- and Dual-Channel Analog Input Terminals, -10 V to +10 V
KL301x, KL302x - Single- and Dual-Channel Analog Input Terminals 0 to 20 mA and 4 to 20 mA
KL304x, KL305x - Single-, Dual- and Four-Channel Analog Input Terminals 0 to 20 mA and 4 to 20 mA, Single ended
KL306x - Single-, Dual and Four-Channel Analog Input Terminals, 0 V to 10 V, Single ended
KL3102, KL3112, KL3122 - Dual-Channel Analog Input Terminals,-10 V to +10 V, 0/4 mA to 20 mA
KL31x2 - Two Channel Accurate Analog Terminals
KL320x - Analog Input Terminals for Pt100 (RTD) or NTC10K
KL3214 - Four-channel HD input terminal for 3-wire connection of resistance sensors
KL3222 - Two Channel Accurate Input Terminal for PT100 (RTD)
KL3208, KL3228 - Eight channel input terminals for PT1000, NI1000, NTC
KL3311, KL3312, KL3314 and KL3302 - Single, Dual- and Four-Channel Analog Imput Terminals for Thermocouples
KL3351 - Single-channel Resistor Bidge Input Terminal
KL3356 and KS3356 | Accurate 1 Channel Terminals for Resistance Bridges
KL3361, KL3362 | Oscilloscope Terminals
KL3403 - 3-Phase Power Measurement Terminals
KL340x_KL346x - Analog Input Terminals
KL344x_KL345x - Analog Input Terminals
KL3444, KL3454 - Product Overview
KL3448, KL3458 - Product Overview
Basic Function Principles
Mounting and wiring
KS2000 Configuration Software
Access from the User Program
Process image
Control and Status Bytes
Register Overview
Register description
Examples of Register Communication
KL3681 - Digital Multimeter Terminal
KL400x - Single-, Dual and Four-Channel Analog Output Terminals, 0 V to 10 V
KL401x, KL402x - Single- and Dual-Channel Analog Output Terminals 0 to 20 mA and 4 to 20 mA
KL403x - Single-, Dual- and Four-Channel Analog Output Terminals, -10 V to +10 V
KL4112 - Dual Channel Analog Output Terminal, 0 to 20 mA, 16 Bit
KL4132 - Dual-channel analog output terminal, -10 V to +10 V
KL4404, KL4408, KL4434, KL4438 - Four- and eightchannel, analog output terminals
KL4414, KL4418, KL4424, KL4428 - Four- and eightchannel, analog output terminals
KL4494 - Analog terminal with two input and two output channels, -10 V...+10V
KL5001 - SSI Sensor Interface
KL5051 - Bidirectional SSI encoder interface
KL5101 - Incremental encoder interface
KL5111 - Incremental encoder interface
KL5121 - Incremental encoder interface with programmable outputs
KL5151, KL5152 - Incremental Encoder Interface
KL6001 - Serial interface RS232C
KL6011 - Serial interface TTY
KL6021 - Serial interface RS485 (RS422)
KL6021-0023 - Serial interface terminal for EnOcean
KL6031, KL6041 - Serial interface terminals
KL6051 | Data exchange terminal with serial interface
KL6201 - Bus Terminals for AS-interface
KL6224 - IO-Link Terminal
KL6301 - EIB/KNX Bus Terminal
KL6581 and KL6583 | EnOcean Master Terminal and Transceiver
KL6401 - LON Bus Terminal
KL6771 - MP-Bus Master Terminals
KL6781 - M-Bus Master Terminal
KL6811 - DALI/DSI Master terminal with integrated power supply
KL6831, KL6841 | Master terminals for SMI Bus
KL8001 - Power terminal for Siemens contactors of the Sirius 3RT10 series
KL85xx and KL9309 | Manual operating modules with K-Bus interface
KL9020, KL9050 - K-Bus Extension
KL9540, KL9550 - Surge Filter Terminals
KL9570 - Buffer Capacitor Terminal
Terminal Modules
EtherCAT Box / I/O-Link Box / Fieldbus Box / Fieldbus Modules
EtherCAT Terminals
Fieldbus Cards and Switches
Fieldbus Accessories
Drive Technology
TwinCAT 3
TwinCAT 2
Application Notes