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EtherCAT Terminals
EtherCAT System Documentation
Infrastructure for EtherCAT/Ethernet
EL1052, EL1054 - Digital Input Terminals for NAMUR sensors
EL10xx, EL11xx - Digital Input Terminals
EL1202, EL1252, EL1254 - Digital Input Terminals (2- and 4-Channel, Distributed Clocks)
EL125x, EL2258 | 8 channel digital input/output terminal with time stamp
EL1262 | Digital input terminal with oversampling
EL1382 - Digital input terminal thermistors
EL15xx - Up-/Down Counter 24 V DC
EL18xx | Digital HD Input/Output Terminals
EL20xx, EL2124 - Digital Output Terminals
EL2044 - 4-channel digital output, 24 V DC, 2 A, with extended diagnostics
EL2202, EL2252 - 2-Channel Digital Output Terminal
EL2212 | 2-channel digital output terminal 24…72 V DC with overexcitation, multi-timestamping
EL2262 - Digital Output Terminal with Oversampling (2 Channel, Distributed Clocks)
EL2502 - Pulse width output terminal 24VDC
EL2502-0010 - Pulse width output terminal 24VDC with timestamp
EL252x - Pulse Train Output Terminal, Incremental Encoder Simulation Terminal (Pulse Train)
EL2535 - 2-Channel pulse width current terminal
EL2595 | 1-channel LED constant current terminal
EL2596, EL2596-0010 | 1 Channel LED Strobe Control Terminal
EL26xx - Relay Output Terminals
EL27xx | EtherCAT terminals with digital switching outputs, solid state
EL28xx-xxxx | 8- / 16-Channel Digital HD Output terminals
EL30xx - Analog Input Terminals (12 Bit)
EL31xx-00xx | Analog input terminals (16 bit)
EL3182 - 2 Channel Analog Input Terminal 4…20 mA, 16 bit, HART
EL32xx-0xx0 | Analog Input Terminals for Pt100 (RTD)
EL3255 - 5 Channel Potentiometer Measurement with Sensor Supply
EL33xx-00x0 | Analog thermocouple input terminal (open-circuit recognition, 1, 2, 4 ch.)
EL3351 - 1 Channel Analog Resistor Bridge Terminal (strain gauge)
EL3356-00x0 | 1 Channel Input Terminal, Precise Resistor Bridge (strain gauge)
EL3403 - 3-Phase Power Measurement Terminal
EL34x3 - 3-phase power measurement terminals
EL34xx | 3-phase energy and power measurement terminals
EL3632 | 2 Channel Analog Input Terminal for Condition Monitoring (IEPE)
EL3681 | Digital Multimeter Terminal
EL3692 | 2 channel resistance measurement terminal, high-precision
EL36xx | Analog Input Terminals (24 Bit)
EL37x2 | 2 channel Analog Input Terminals with oversampling
EL3751 | 1-channel multi-functional input for analog measurement technology, 24 bit, 10 ksps
EL3773 - Power monitoring oversampling
EL3783 | Power monitoring oversampling terminal for 690 V
EL40xx - Analog Output Terminals (12 bit)
EL41xx - Analog Output Terminals (16 bit)
EL47xx - Analog output terminals with oversampling
EL500x | SSI Encoder Interface
EL5021, EL5021-0090 - SinCos Encoder Interfaces
EL5032 - 2 channel EnDat2.2-Interface
EL5042 - 2 Channel BiSS-C-Interface
EL5072 | 2 Channel LVDT Interface
EL5101 - Incremental Encoder Interface
EL5102 | Incremental Encoder Interface, 5V, (RS422, TTL, Open Collector)
EL5112 | 2-Channel Incremental Encoder Interface, 5 V, (2xAB or 1xABC RS422, TTL)
EL5122 | 2-Channel Incremental Encoder Interface, 5 V single-ended (TTL, Open Collector)
EL515x | Incremental Encoder Interface
EL600x, EL602x | Serial Interface Terminals
EL6070 - License key terminal for TwinCAT 3.1
EL6080 - EtherCAT memory terminal 128 kbyte
EL6090 | Display Terminal
EL6201, EL9520 - EtherCAT Terminals for AS-Interface
EL6224 - IO-Link Terminal
EL6601, EL6614 - Switch Terminals for Ethernet
EL6631-0010 - Profinet Device Supplement
EL6631, EL6632 | PROFINET CONTROLLER Supplement
EL6652-00x0 - EtherNet/IP Master/Slave EtherCAT Terminal
EL6688 - IEEE-1588-PTP-External Synchronisation Interface
EL6692 - EtherCAT Bridge Terminal
EL6695 | EtherCAT bridge terminal
EL6720 - Lightbus Master Terminal
EL6731 - Master/Slave terminal for PROFIBUS
EL6740-0010 - Interbus Slave Terminal
EL6751 | Master/Slave Terminal for CANopen
EL6752 - Master/Slave Terminal for DeviceNet
EL6851 - DMX master/slave terminal
EL6861 - BACnet-MS/TP Terminal
EL70x1 - Stepper Motor Terminal
EL7031-0030 - Stepper Motor Terminal with additional analog inputs
EL70x7 - Stepper Motor Terminals, vector control
EL72x1 - Servo Motor Terminal, 48 V DC
EL72x1-001x - Servo Motor Terminal with OCT, 48 V DC
EL72x1-901x - Servo Motor Terminals with OCT and STO, 48 V DC
EL73x2 - 2 Channel DC motor output stage
EL7411 | BLDC motor terminal with incremental encoder
EL922x - Electronic overcurrent protection terminals
EL9576 - Brake Chopper Terminal with EtherCAT connection
EL95xx - Power supply terminal
EL9xxx - System Terminals
ELM2xxx | Digital Output Terminals
ELM3xxx | Measurement terminals
EM2042 - Digital Output Module
EM37xx - Pressure Measuring Modules
EM7004 - 4 Axis Interface
Fieldbus Cards and Switches
Fieldbus Accessories
Drive Technology
TwinCAT 3
TwinCAT 2
Application Notes