TwinCAT System Manager: Controls

Watch Window

When the Watch Window display is selected, the following window appears at the lower edge of the System Manager (shown here with sample variables):


Watch Window 1:



Gives the name of the variable being viewed. The arrow symbol indicates whether the variable is linked or not.


Shows the current value of the variable. For non-Boolean variables the value is displayed in hexadecimal and decimal format (in brackets). Forced variables are displayed with values also in straight bracket.


Provides the source of the variable. The information is comprised of ”Variable Name, In or Output, Task Name, PLC Project Name”.


Watchlist Context Menu

A right-hand mouse click in an empty line of the Watch window will display the context menu.

   Watch Window 2:


Removes the variable from Watch window.


Opens previously created and saved Watch window configurations.


Calls up the dialogue to save the Watch window configuration to (file suffix: *.tcw).  


Removes the Watch window from the current System Manager view. The configuration is retained, however, and can be recalled at any time using the Menu: View / Show Watch Window.