TwinCAT System Manager: Controls

Document Properties Dialog

Starting with TwinCAT v2.9, additional informations are saved together with the related System Manager project.  These informations can be used to keep track of project and configuration variants, to detect the TwinCAT version used at the related machine later on, and for a basic version control.

After selection of the System Manager "Properties..." menu item  - to be opened from the File menu -  the following dialog appears:


  Dialog Document Properties 1:


A descriptive title should be added here.


Name and company information of the person responsible for the configuration should be added here.


A revision number for the machine could be added here.


Usefull information about machine and/or project status should be edited here.  


The original TwinCAT Version the project has been created with, is read-out and filled in automatically here. The Build-no. of the overall TwinCAT system is displayed in brackets.


If the *.tsm  file is going to be provided to another TwinCAT system later on, the original "Document Properties" information from the development system of this configuration stays persistent as long as the file is not going to be overwritten (saved on the other system under same name).


Displays the TwinCAT Registration Key from that system, on which the configuration has been saved the last time. 


Displays the date on which the configuration has been saved the last time.


Accepts the changes made in the "Document Properties" dialog and closes the dialog. 


Closes the dialog without saving eventual modifications.


ToolTip display for System Manager files in Windows Explorer

The "Document Properties" information at *.tsm  files described above are conform to the ToolTips feature, established in MS Windows. Therefore, they are going to be displayed during a mouse-over movement on the file name inside the Windows Explorer. The example given below, shows the informations which are going to be displayed in that case:


Dialog Document Properties 2:



"Summary" tab at Windows Explorer

Additionaly, the above named informations can be called via Windows Explorer by right-klick on the file and selection of  Properties....
Due to tha fact that *.tsm files are in Structured Storage format, you can see most of the "Document Properties" on the below shown "Summary"  tab, even if TwinCAT is not installed on the system you are currently at.


Dialog Document Properties 3: