TwinCAT System


The TwinCAT system is the connecting element between Windows NT and TwinCAT. For example, the TwinCAT system carries out the TwinCAT start during the system start-up of Windows NT, or TwinCAT is safely stopped when Windows NT is shut down. Also, all accesses of the TwinCAT server to Windows NT services are executed by the TwinCAT system. The TwinCAT system consists of the TwinCAT System Service and the TwinCAT System Control.


TwinCAT - The Windows Control and Automation Technology

ADS - Automation Device Specification

AMS - Automation Message Specification

TwinCAT System Service

TwinCAT System Control



TwinCAT System Service

The TwinCAT System Service operates as Windows NT service in the local system account. In this way, the TwinCAT System Service is started by Windows NT before a user has logged on. As an activity symbol, the TwinCAT System Service incorporates its icon into the task bar of the desktop. In addition, the colour of the icon indicates the state of the TwinCAT system.

Colour of the icons:


Overview 1:  

TwinCAT is stopped.


Overview 2:

TwinCAT is in Config mode



Overview 3:

TwinCAT is being started.



Overview 4:

TwinCAT is started.


The TwinCAT System Service is primarily responsible for starting and stopping the TwinCAT run time system. It loads all configured servers and initialises them during the TwinCAT system start.



The context menu of the System Service is displayed with a mouse click (left or right) on the icon or the key combination <ALT-+>.



TwinCAT System Control

The TwinCAT run time system is parameterised with the TwinCAT System Control.

The following settings can be made: