Configuration with KS2000

Commissioning procedure

  1. Install the configuration software KS2000, version or higher.
  2. Plug the KL6401 into your Bus Coupler, and terminate the K-Bus with a KL9010.
  3. Log on. Should the dialog box "Create new XML Device Files" be open, cancel at this point.


The terminal can now be configured under "Settings" 1.


Enter the SNVTs in the table 2. Use KS2000_Buttons_plus  to add a variable and KS2000_Buttons_minus to remove a selected variable.

The column "Id" cannot be edited. It contains the NV index. This index is also required as input variable "wNVIndex" for the PLC blocks.

In column "Nv Name" any text can be entered. These descriptions are required in the LON configuration tool (not provided by Beckhoff) for identifying the respective variables.

Select the required SNVT in column "SNVT Type".

Column "Dir" (Direction) indicates whether the variable is sent (out) or received (in).

3Set any project name you want (click "PROJECTNAME").

Then edit the program ID (Prog ID)4 . Do this by clicking Program ID, and selecting a Program ID. This program ID may only be issued once in your LON project. A maximum of 256 (0-255) program IDs can be used. This means that you can use 256 different configurations in one project.
NOTE: LON terminals with the same configuration also have the same program ID.

Use the button KS2000_Buttons_XIF to create the Xif file. This file is required in the LON configuration tool (not provided by Beckhoff).

Use the button KS2000_Buttons_Save to save the configuration in a BLC file. This file can be used to load the configuration if a terminal is replaced or to use the same configuration in another terminal.

The data can now be written to the terminal. Use the buttons [>>>] or [<<<] to select the required slot and then the button "WRITE" to write the data to the terminal. The slot may not be activated (green) during this process.

NOTE regarding the slots: The terminal is delivered with active slot 0 (factory setting). This slot contains a fixed configuration and cannot be modified. To transfer other values a different slot has to be configured and activated. Only one slot at a time is active.

The project must be activated after the download has successfully been completed. Use the button "SET ACTIVE PROJECT". Power must now be removed from the KL6401. After switching on the KL6401 (switching the power supply on again) the desired configuration is active.

Description of the editing functions


KS2000_Buttons_new Deletes the table

KS2000_Buttons_open Opens an existing SNVT configuration file (*.BLC) for the KL6401

KS2000_Buttons_Save Saves the current configuration as a BLC file

KS2000_Buttons_work Edits an SNVT variable

KS2000_Buttons_plus Inserts an SNVT variable

KS2000_Buttons_minus Deletes an SNVT variable

KS2000_Buttons_XIF Creates an XIF file for a LON configuration tool (not provided by Beckhoff)

KS2000_Buttons_Help Opens the Help

KS2000_Buttons_Info Information