TwinCAT 3 Crestron Sample


Crestron Electronics, headquartered in Rockleigh (, New Jersey (USA), is one of the market leaders in media control systems. In addition to AV control units, building management components can also be integrated.

The following sample shows how data can be exchanged between Crestron controllers and a TwinCAT 3 controller by TCP/IP. The basis for this sample is the TwinCAT 3 function TF6310 TCP/IP.

SIMPL+ macros are available for the Crestron controllers. A Crestron controller can call read and write commands and a TwinCAT 3 controller can write data to the Crestron controller or read data from it. In the process, any ADS devices of the respective TwinCAT 3 controller can be addressed by the Crestron controller.