Changing the licensing basis (device change)

TwinCAT 3 licenses for non-Beckhoff IPCs
If you use an IPC from a manufacturer other than Beckhoff (TwinCAT 3 platform level >= 90), a TwinCAT 3 license dongle is always required for licensing TwinCAT 3.

In principle, it is possible for you to change the licensing basis for a TwinCAT 3 license, e.g. in the case of a device defect or when changing to a license dongle.

A TwinCAT 3 license dongle offers numerous advantages thanks to its flexibility.


Contact our Service Dept. ( to change the license.

Your email must contain the following information:

The previous License Response File for the current licensing basis (e.g. IPC)
The new License Request File for the new licensing basis (e.g. the TwinCAT 3 license dongle)
Brief explanation of your request (intention and reason)