KL6301 - EIB Bus Terminal



The EIB Bus Terminal KL6301 connects the EIB/KNX bus system to the Beckhoff Bus Terminal system. The KL6301 offers the possibility to exchange any data with EIB/KNX devices. The ETS software is not required for configuring the KL6301. It is configured and parameterized via TwinCAT function blocks (IEC61131-3).

Software required for use of the KL6301:

1. An ETS tool for linking the data and commissioning the other EIB/KNX devices

2. TwinCAT PLC and an appropriate library to communicate with the KL6301 from the application.

TwinCAT library for EIB/KNX: TcKL6301
TwinCAT supports the KL6301 with its own library for EIB/KNX, the TcEIB.
If the KL6301 is to be used with an external controller, a Bus Terminal controller (BC or BX) is required on which the EIB library can run. Operation of the KL6301 on a PC or CX without TwinCAT PLC is not supported!