KL6031, KL6041 - Serial interface terminals

Process data

The Status byte (Status), the Control byte (Ctrl) and the process data (Data) are displayed in a tree structure under ProcData.


The spectacles mark the data that are currently graphically displayed in the History field.

History field

The current input value is displayed numerically in the Value field.

Value field

Output values can be modified through direct input or by means of the fader control.

Value field
 SmallWarningYellow CAUTION
Danger for persons, the environment or devices!
Note that changing output values (forcing) can have a direct effect on your automation application. Only modify these output values if you are certain that the state of your equipment permits it, and that there will be no risk to people or to the machine!

After pressing the Settings button you can set the format of the numerical display to hexadecimal, decimal or binary.