KL6031, KL6041 - Serial interface terminals

KL6041 - Common Settings

Common Settings tab for parameterization of the KL6041.

Settings via KS2000



Take Settings for all channels of this terminal

The settings made are adopted for all channels of the terminal (default: deactivated).


Process Data Length (R34.7)

Here, you can set the user data length (3, 5 or 22 bytes) of the process data image (default: 22 bytes).


Set Factory Settings (R7)

Here, you can restore the terminal's factory settings and save them with "Apply".


Communication Parameters (R34)

Half duplex (R34.0),
(default: deactivated)
Alternative output format (R34.1),
(default: deactivated)
Status byte one cycle later (R34.2),
(default: deactivated)
XON/XOFF supported sending data (R34.3),
(default: deactivated)
XON/XOFF supported receiving data (R34.4),
(default: deactivated)
Point to point connection (R34.5),
(default: deactivated)
Send FIFO data continuously (R34.6),
(default: deactivated)
Extended process data interface (R34.7),
(set automatically)
Transfer rate optimization (R34.8),
(default: activated)