KL2791 - single-channel speed controller terminal

Basic function principles

Basic KL2791 function principles

The motor is switched on and off with a practice-proven mains-synchronous pattern, so that the motor consumes less power and the speed falls significantly.
This method is well suited to motors with fixed loads, such as pumps and fans, in order to achieve a control range for the flow rate from 10% to 100%.

The KL2791 Bus Terminal enables direct connection of single-phase AC motors up to 100 VA.
In this way the speed of capacitor, universal and shaded-pole motors can be reduced simply.

The set values are specified via the process data. The required output power is specified via a 16 bit representation. 3 different setting modes are available:

Full-wave control
Leading edge phase control is ideal for smooth operation
Mixed control

Full-wave control is used for targeted switching on and off at optimized points in time.
This protects the connected motor and is particularly suitable for drives with a quadratic load characteristic, such as fans or pumps.

Leading edge phase control is ideal for smooth operation.

Mixed control offers a compromise between smooth operation and motor protection.

Please follow the operation instructions
Also read the Notes on operation in the chapter Mounting and wiring.