KL2791 - single-channel speed controller terminal



In many industrialized countries, electric motors account for more than the half the current consumption, which means there is huge energy-saving potential.
With the aid of speed control, it is quite easily possible to reduce the energy consumption to the level that is actually required, thereby avoiding energy waste.

Beckhoff has extended its Bus Terminal system for this purpose. The KL2791 Bus Terminal is suitable for use as a speed controller for single-phase AC motors up to 100 VA.
In addition to energy conservation speed reduction offers noise reduction and increased motor service life.
The speed controller is extremely compact and is housed in a standard bus terminal with a width of 12 mm.

The KL2791 Bus Terminal can be used in any bus system that is supported by the Beckhoff Bus Terminal system.
It is designed for direct connection of low-power, single-phase AC motors.
The KL2791 enables speed reduction of typical motors such as capacitor motors, universal motors and shaded-pole motors.

The KL2791-0011 is a version without power contacts (see ladder diagram on the right). This can be used for 230 V even without a special power feed terminal.

The KL2791-1200 is specifically designed for 120 V mains voltage.

Other KS2791 variants feature pluggable wiring.