KL2692 - cycle monitoring terminal



The KL2692 Bus Terminal monitors a bit that is toggled by the controller during each cycle. If the toggle signal fails, the terminal switches off two potential-free relays in order to prevent damage to the machine. Failure of the toggle signal may be caused by the PLC cycle stopping, by a fault in the bus cable or connector, or by a fault in a bus device. The cycle monitoring time can be parameterized. The Bus Terminal has an enable input that enables the relay to be switched on if a correct toggle signal is detected.

No personal protection!
The KL2692 may only be used for cycle monitoring with the purpose of preventing machine damage!
The KL2692 must not be used for cycle monitoring for personal protection under any circumstances!
The KL2692 must not be used for protection functions such as emergency stop, access protection, secure room monitoring, robot range monitoring, press safety valves etc.!