KL2602, KL2622, KL2634 - Two-and four-channel Relay Output Terminals

KL2602-00x0, KL2622-00x0 - Introduction

KL2602, KL2602-0010
KL2622, KL2622-0010

The KL2602/ KL2602-0010 (2 x normally open, with power contacts) and KL2622/ KL2622-0010 (2 x normally open) output terminals have two relays each of which has a single contact. The relay contact of the KL2602/ KL2602-0010 is connected to the power contacts and can be generally used for switching devices requiring mains power. The Bus Terminals indicate their signal state by means of light emitting diodes. The KL2622-0000 and KL2622-0010 bus terminals have potential-free contacts. The power contacts L and N are not looped through.

The relay terminals KL2602-0010 and KL2622-0010 are designed for soft switching in the range of zero voltage crossing to protect the contacts and is particularly suitable for capacitive loads such as LED lamps (or their chokes).



If no process data is transferred to the terminal from the Bus Coupler for 100 ms, the green signal-LEDs go out, and the relay contacts are opened after typical reaction time (see Technical data).


Process data

The bit-width in the process image is 2 bits.