KL2521-xxxx - One Channel Pulse Train Output Terminals, RS422 / 24 V DC

KL2521-xxxx - Introduction


1 Channel Pulse Train Output Terminal

The KL2521-xxxx output terminals change the frequency of a binary signal and output it (electrically isolated from the K-bus). The frequency is preset by a 16 bit value from the automation device.

The output stage of the KL2521-0000 is RS422-compatible. The outputs can be used both for connection to RS422 receivers and for the direct connection of an optocoupler (without external supply voltage) (default mode).

The terminal KL2521-0010 contains additional outputs (230 VAC/DC, 100 mA) instead of the additional inputs (+T, +Z) of the default variant.

The version KL2521-0024 was designed for connection to optocouplers (with external supply voltage). For connection to inputs with a large input resistance, an external supply voltage (up to 24 V) can be used (active mode).

The Bus Terminals indicate their signal state by means of light emitting diodes. The LEDs are clocked with the outputs and each displays an active output.