KL2502, KL2512 - Dual Channel Pulse Width Output Terminals, 24 V DC

Connection system

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Risk of electric shock and damage of device!
Bring the bus terminal system into a safe, powered down state before starting installation, disassembly or wiring of the bus terminals!


The Bus Terminal system offers different connection options for optimum adaptation to the respective application:

The terminals of ELxxxx and KLxxxx series with standard wiring include electronics and connection level in a single enclosure.
The terminals of ESxxxx and KSxxxx series feature a pluggable connection level and enable steady wiring while replacing.
The High Density Terminals (HD Terminals) include electronics and connection level in a single enclosure and have advanced packaging density.

Standard wiring (ELxxxx / KLxxxx)

Standard wiring

The terminals of ELxxxx and KLxxxx series have been tried and tested for years.
They feature integrated screwless spring force technology for fast and simple assembly.


Pluggable wiring (ESxxxx / KSxxxx)

Pluggable wiring

The terminals of ESxxxx and KSxxxx series feature a pluggable connection level.
The assembly and wiring procedure is the same as for the ELxxxx and KLxxxx series.
The pluggable connection level enables the complete wiring to be removed as a plug connector from the top of the housing for servicing.
The lower section can be removed from the terminal block by pulling the unlocking tab.
Insert the new component and plug in the connector with the wiring. This reduces the installation time and eliminates the risk of wires being mixed up.

The familiar dimensions of the terminal only had to be changed slightly. The new connector adds about 3 mm. The maximum height of the terminal remains unchanged.

A tab for strain relief of the cable simplifies assembly in many applications and prevents tangling of individual connection wires when the connector is removed.

Conductor cross sections between 0.08 mm2 and 2.5 mm2 can continue to be used with the proven spring force technology.

The overview and nomenclature of the product names for ESxxxx and KSxxxx series has been retained as known from ELxxxx and KLxxxx series.


High Density Terminals (HD Terminals)

High Density Terminals

The Bus Terminals from these series with 16 terminal points are distinguished by a particularly compact design, as the packaging density is twice as large as that of the standard 12 mm Bus Terminals. Massive conductors and conductors with a wire end sleeve can be inserted directly into the spring loaded terminal point without tools.

Wiring HD Terminals
The High Density (HD) Terminals of the ELx8xx and KLx8xx series doesn't support pluggable wiring.

Ultrasonically "bonded" (ultrasonically welded) conductors

Ultrasonically “bonded" conductors
It is also possible to connect the Standard and High Density Terminals with ultrasonically "bonded" (ultrasonically welded) conductors. In this case, please note the tables concerning the wire-size width below!