KL2502, KL2512 - Dual Channel Pulse Width Output Terminals, 24 V DC

Example 1: reading the firmware version from Register 9


Output Data

Byte 0: Control byte
Byte 1: DataOUT1, high byte
Byte 2: DataOUT1, low byte
0x89 (1000 1001bin)


Bit 0.7 set means: Register communication switched on.
Bit 0.6 not set means: reading the register.
Bits 0.5 to 0.0 specify the register number 9 with 00 1001bin.
The output data word (byte 1 and byte 2) has no meaning during read access. To change a register, write the required value into the output word.

Input Data (answer of the bus terminal)

Byte 0: Status byte
Byte 1: DataIN1, high byte
Byte 2: DataIN1, low byte


The terminal returns the value of the control byte as a receipt in the status byte.
The terminal returns the firmware version 0x3341 in the input data word (byte 1 and byte 2). This is to be interpreted as an ASCII code:
ASCII code 0x33 represents the digit 3
ASCII code 0x41 represents the letter A
The firmware version is thus 3A.