IPC Security


Beckhoff Industrial PCs and Embedded PCs provide a platform based on a standardized and well-supported operating system to provide a high level of flexibility for developing and executing applications. The Documentation for IPC-Security provides a list of potential security threats and how to protect against them.

The documentation is structured according to different attacker models and countermeasures for the arising potential threats. This documentation is far from being complete but will be frequently updated and maintained in the future. Please note that, depending on the scenario, it may not make sense to activate all of the listed countermeasures. Sometimes it may even prove to be unnecessary. In any case the reader should make sure to fully understand his/her scenario before planning to implement any security mechanisms.

Security is just another view on risk-management, so there definitely is no completely secure state, just as there is no completely risk-free automation process.

However the documentation provides a good baseline protection, which may be sufficient for most applications.