BECKHOFF Fieldbus Components: Configuration

Configuration using the System Manager

Enter a general Ethernet card in the TwinCAT System Manager under devices. If the Bus Couplers are already connected to the network and have IP addresses, you can also read these. This will cause all the Bus Couplers with Bus Terminals and their configurations to be loaded. You can then adapt these to meet your requirements.

TCSysMgr_Bx9Scan.gif (20904 Byte)

Commissioning with 6 or more Ethernet nodes

If you enter more than five nodes in the System Manager, you will have to increase the router memory. You will find this setting in the System Manager under Real Time Settings. Enter 350 kbyte there for each Bus Coupler. This will give, for instance, 3.5 MB (10 x 350 kbyte) for 10 Bus Couplers.

Configuration using the System Manager 1:


Note: The router memory depends on your PC's working memory, and there is a limit to how high it can be set.
Calculation of the maximum possible router memory:
Max. router memory [MB] = (1 MB +((RAM [MB] - 4 MB ) x 0.4)

Suppose your PC has 128 MB of RAM:
1MB +(128MB - 4MB) x 0,4 = 50,6 MB
So the maximum size of the router memory must not exceed 50.6 MB if there is 128 MB of RAM.